Why a Phoenix, AZ, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Usually Prefers Settlements

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When a dispute arises between an injured motorcyclist and the other driver’s insurance company, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney in Phoenix, AZ, may be necessary. The insurance company usually wants to negotiate a settlement with the insurer instead of bringing the case to trial. There are a couple of important reasons for this preference.

One reason is that a seriously injured person typically needs money and would like to receive a check as soon as possible. Because motorcycle accidents typically involve more serious injuries, a victim may be out of work for a prolonged period of time. The process of going to trial can take more than a year. Even when an insurer does not dispute a claim, months may pass before a settlement is reached. The settlement should not be paid until the claimant reaches maximum medical improvement, as verified by a doctor. Otherwise, additional medical expenses might arise in the future, but they would not be compensated by the insurance company.

An insurance company generally has a second reason for wanting to avoid trial. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists win the case in court. Injury lawyers understand this.

First, insurance companies know that juries are unpredictable and that the company could lose the case at trial. This means they would nearly always rather negotiate a settlement. Only when they are certain the claimant will lose in court are they willing to proceed to trial.

Also, many jurors have started to be sympathetic to motorcycle riders. Because most accidents are the result of distracted driving, it is easy to prove fault. The most common

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