How the Lemon Laws in Your State Can Help Compensate for Certain Car Issues

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Lawyers

Individuals that purchase a car generally want to know the condition of the vehicle before making the often expensive investment. There have been increasing numbers of less-than-honest car sellers, dealerships and vehicle manufacturers who give false information to make a car sale. Sometimes, car problems begin to happen frequently following the warranty expiration time-frames, and both new and used car buyers may be on the hook for costly vehicle repairs, lengthy car downtime due to these issues and even safety car problems that must be remedied before driving. Any car or other vehicle owner in this type of scenario should quickly contact a California lemon law attorney for assistance.

These laws relating to very specific dishonest car selling practices are there to protect the buyer. If the warranties have expired and the car develops issues requiring repairs or can’t be safely driven, the buyer should investigate whether the lemon laws in their state apply to their situation. The law requires a time period for possibly liable sellers, manufacturers and vehicle dealerships to try to resolve the issues. The buyers must abide by any regulations before becoming eligible for either a car of equal value replacement or a full refund. A knowledgeable California lemon law attorney is there to help.

To learn if lemon laws regarding vehicle sales in your state can help compensate the current car owner for certain car issues and expenses, get in touch with a local California lemon law attorney who cares. This lawyer with specialized knowledge of current lemon law related details can educate the owner on how to proceed. Since cars can develop issues without it being the fault of the former seller, these laws give those individuals time to resolve the problems. To learn more, contact Lemon Law America by phone, or visit our website.