See a Brain Injury Lawyer in Sheboygan, WI After a Blow to the Head

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Although these are common-sense tips, there are some important things to do after a head injury: take safety precautions, see a doctor as soon as possible and, finally, consult a brain injury lawyer in Sheboygan, WI. Below, readers will learn some important facts and tips about brain injuries.

The Difference Between an Open Injury and a Closed Injury

Whether it’s a minor bump or a traumatic injury, some accidents seem more severe than others. There are two types of injuries: closed and open. An open injury may appear as a bump, lump, or skull fracture. A closed injury typically involves a degree of brain damage. Slight agitation is known as a concussion, but with severe closed injuries, the brain may swell and compress, causing lasting damage.

Be Safe

Thousands of head injuries happen every year because people don’t take safety precautions. Buckle up when in the car, and be sure all airbags are functional. Motorcyclists should wear full-face helmets, and bicyclists should wear helmets as well. Simple procedures greatly minimize the chances of a traumatic injury, although they may not prevent all head injuries.

See a Doctor

Just because a person doesn’t experience any ill effects immediately after a mild injury doesn’t mean it is minor. Many head injuries occur without a patient’s awareness of the situation. Knowing the symptoms of a head injury, such as trouble with speech, changes in balance and vision, and confusion, will help a person know when to seek medical treatment.

Get the Right Diagnosis

Once a doctor believes a person has a serious head injury, they’ll likely perform a neurological exam. The physician will ask seemingly simple questions that are intended to determine the person’s mental state. In some cases, a CT scan is ordered to get a view of the patient’s head and look for brain swelling, bleeding, and skull fractures.

Some Head Injuries Take a Long Time to Heal and Treat

Traumatic brain injuries typically require intensive treatment. Immediate care may involve surgery as well as medicines to treat brain swelling. Some injuries require occupational, speech and physical therapy. When a person is victimized by a head injury, they shouldn’t hesitate to contact a brain injury lawyer in Sheboygan, WI. Visit us online for more details or call today to request a consultation.