Important Information About Personal Injury Lawyers in Live Oak, FL

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers in Live Oak, FL typically settle cases out of court because this allows clients to receive their compensation as soon as possible. A civil trial might not be scheduled for over a year if a lawsuit were to be filed. Nevertheless, clients must be patient if the insurance company adjusters are being uncooperative about paying a reasonable amount of money.

Free Consultations

Sometimes people get discouraged after a consultation with a lawyer who will not accept their case. They should not hesitate to contact other personal injury lawyers in Live Oak, FL, since free consultations are the norm. A different attorney may feel better suited to managing a legal case with particular circumstances. The first lawyer spoken with may focus entirely on other kinds of cases.

Unusual Situations

The situation may have been a bit unusual and fault may not be entirely clear. An example would be a motorcyclist striking a pedestrian crossing a busy street against the light, in an area where the speed limit is 40 miles per hour.

Legal Fees

Personal injury attorneys usually do not require retainer fees, which function as a down payment for legal services. They also usually do not bill clients on an hourly rate or a monthly flat fee. Instead, they receive a percentage of the final settlement. This is specified in the contract the prospective client signs for the attorney’s services.

Negotiation Strategies

Accident lawyers such as Duane E. Thomas understand which negotiation strategies work best with insurance companies. These lawyers also know the types of tactics insurance adjusters use to justify paying less than the claimant deserves. It’s difficult for an individual to successfully negotiate maximum compensation from these large corporations. Professional legal help is important.

Although lawyers and clients generally prefer to settle out of court, the client should hire an attorney who is willing to go to trial if the insurer will not cooperate. Filing a lawsuit can often motivate the insurance company to increase the settlement offer, but the representatives must know that the attorney will actually proceed to trial. Information on one accident lawyer can be found at

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