Getting a Family Divorce Attorney in Henderson, NV

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When people get married, they hope it is an event they can stay committed to for as long as they live, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, marriages break down for various reasons and the two people find no other recourse except to get a divorce. A Family Divorce Attorney in Henderson NV helps clients who are planning to get a divorce but wants them to understand the laws regarding divorces in Nevada. Here is a look at some of these laws about divorces in Nevada.

Nevada Divorce Laws

In order for a couple to get a divorce in Nevada, one of them must be a resident of a city in Nevada for a minimum of six weeks, and if there are children involved, they must be a resident for six months. The courts in Nevada recognizes the grounds for divorce to include one of the parties being declared insane for a minimum of two years prior to the filing of the divorce. It also includes the spouses living apart for more than a year without cohabiting. A final reason could be that the couple simply is incompatible.

More on Nevada Divorce Laws

Nevada is a state that recognizes that community debt, income, and property are still the property of the couple until they are officially recognized as divorced. As far as a spouse receiving alimony, it is not automatic in Nevada, and a judge will stipulate whether such a need exists, based on the income of the two individuals. However, for child custody, the courts will allow for that to the maximum amount allowed, according to the income of the party responsible for paying the child support.

A Divorce Law Firm in Nevada

There are many lawyers and law firms throughout the State of Nevada that will help clients who are seeking to get a divorce. Pintar Albiston LLP is a law firm that represents clients going through a divorce or any other family law issues in Nevada. If a spouse needs a Family Divorce Attorney in Henderson NV, the law firm is available and offers more information at the website, You can also connect them on Facebook.