Call a Criminal Law Lawyer in South Bay CA to Get Help With a Warrant

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Warrants are established when the police need to arrest someone, but they do not know where the person is at the moment. The warrant allows them to go to the person’s home or work to arrest them, if they’re found, or to arrest them as soon as they are found. If someone finds out there is a warrant for their arrest, they will want to make sure they speak with a Criminal Law Lawyer in South Bay CA quickly.

Taking Care of the Warrant Immediately

Putting off a warrant isn’t going to make it go away. It’s possible that it could expire, but it’s also quite possible the person will be stopped for a traffic infraction or will be at home when the police look for them. If they know there is a warrant, the person can handle the warrant on their own terms by going to jail to take care of it with the help of a lawyer. They won’t be caught when they’re not ready and won’t have to handle the process alone.

Paying Bail and Being Released

Once the person has turned themselves in, they can usually pay bail and be released. The amount of time all of this takes will vary depending on how busy the jail is at the moment, which is another reason why taking care of it on their own time is a better idea. Once they have been booked into the jail, their lawyer can help them with finding out what bail is needed and requesting a lower amount if necessary. Once bail is paid, the person will be released from jail pending the outcome of their hearings. They can start working with their lawyer on their case to finish taking care of the charges against them.

If you believe there is a warrant for your arrest, don’t delay and put off dealing with it for another day. Instead, enlist the help of a Criminal Law Lawyer in South Bay CA now so you can take care of the warrant and get everything done with quickly. Visit website for Shook & Associates Inc today to learn more about dealing with a warrant or to find a lawyer to start working with on your case right away.