4 Biggest Mistakes People Make After a Car Accident Columbus, IN

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Lawyers

A car accident is a major headache. Because of the stress involved, some people don’t think clearly. This causes them to make poor decisions after the fact. These are the 4 biggest mistakes people make after a car accident Columbus, IN.

1. Taking Too Long to File a Claim

You need to file your claim as soon as you get into the accident. If you wait, you will have a harder time proving your case. You may even run into a problem and not be able to move forward if the statute of limitations expires.

2. Talking Too Much

You do not want to give too much information at first. You especially don’t want to admit any sort of fault on your part. Limit details you offer to police officers and the insurance until you talk to an automobile accident lawyer Columbus, IN.

3. Signing Confusing Paperwork

The insurance companies and police may give you paperwork to sign. However, this paperwork could be confusing. Do not sign anything until you get the ok from your lawyer first.

4. Accepting the Insurance Company’s Offer

The insurance company wants to pay out as little to you as possible. When they give you an offer, you should understand that they probably aren’t giving everything you deserve or could get.

When you know what to do after an accident, you can protect yourself and get the most money possible. Call your automobile accident lawyer in Columbus, IN, to talk about your case today. Contact Alcorn, Sage, Schwartz & Magrath LLP.